Welcome to the AhEAD Project

The AhEAD Project, Advanced dEsign and testing of a polArimetric X-banD antenna for avionic weather radar, is part of The Clean Sky Systems for Green Operations ITD (Integrated Technology Demonstrator), and in particular the Management of Trajectory and Mission (MTM) work package, which aims at demonstrating that the achievement of pollution reduction can be supported by more precise, reliable and predictable Green Trajectories, optimised for minimum noise and emissions in each flight phase, including agile trajectory management in response to unpredicted events, (e.g. the insurgence of unforeseen weather phenomena). The use of polarimetric radar has been proposed as the enabling technology for higher performances in classifying weather phenomena and therefore for optimizing the avoidance trajectory from the Clean Sky point of view.

The scope of the call is the design of a polarimetric avionic radar antenna operating at X-band for weather characterization and classification. The validation of the antenna design is required using two different approaches:

The work should be divided into the following steps: