Clean Sky


The project's main objectives are:

  • (O1) Design of a polarimetric avionic radar antenna for weather characterization and classification.
  • (O2) Validation and demonstration of the design through numerical simulation and measurements on a breadboard.

The implementation of the activities described in the Workplan will lead to the following main results (ER: Expected Results):

  • (ER1) – Specific requirements for a polarimetric weather radar antenna are assessed.
  • (ER2) – Taking in to account all the requirements (electrical performance, aircraft system interfaces, mechanical issues, etc. and constraints (environmental constraints, normatives, size and weight, antenna swept volume constraints, compatibility issues with respect the aircraft…), the best technology for an X-band avionic polarimetric weather radar antenna is selected.
  • (ER3) –. An X-band antenna based on the selected technology implementation is designed and then validated through detailed numerical modelling, bread-boarding and testing.
  • (ER4) – Possible technological gaps and critical aspects to be filled for the full feasibility of an X-band polarimetric weather radar antenna are identified and a technological roadmap towards full antenna implementation is outlined.

Six main outputs of the project are planned:

  • 1. Technical Note containing detailed specifications about the antenna
  • 2. Technical Note containing a review of the state of the art technological solutions
  • 3. Antenna design data package
  • 4. Technical Note containing the performance of the designed antenna, obtained both through detailed numerical modelling and measurements on an antenna breadboard
  • 5. Antenna breadboard (HW)
  • 6. Technical Note containing final evaluation of the antenna design and a technological roadmap for future full device implementation