Clean Sky


Antenna requirements have been defined

    1. Antenna Size

      Antenna Size Table

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Antenna Technology Selection

Different antenna solutions have been preliminary considered and analyzed:

  1. Slotted Waveguide antenna
  2. Printed antenna
  3. Sustrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW)
  4. Connected Array

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Antenna Design

Antenna design has been performed applying Full-Wave detailed modeling method and sensitivity analysis.

The whole antenna system is composed of three sub-units:

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Antenna Prototyping

Each antenna sub-units were manufactured:

  • H-V combining network
  • BFN Vertical Plane
  • Radiating Panel

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Antenna Testing

Each antenna sub-units were tested, evaluating S-parameters and radiated gain mask.

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Antenna Concept Evaluation and Improvement

The proposed antenna design seems very promising in terms of SWAP – C (“Size Weight and Power – Cost”) performances, due to the printed circuit technology selected.

Electrical performances seems promising too, nevertheless further activities of tuning and optimization of the design are necessary.

Material Selection

The material of the breadboard (ARLON AD300) was selected because is a good compromise between cost and properties suitable to demonstrate the feasibility of the antenna concept. Nevertheless the antenna substrate is the first item to improve.

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